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bespoke websites designed just for your business.
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What We Do

Whether you need to promote your business, display your wares, or sell merchandise, we can design a website for you.
We can create a custom logo for you to put on your new website, business cards, flyers, and other materials.
We have a professional graphic designer on staff to create something tailored to your unique business.
We design custom contact cards that reflect your business. We can even make them to match your website.
We work to make sure that your website will be recognized as a legitimate business on the Internet.
Don’t have time to write something catchy to entice new clients? We can create promotional texts for your business.

About Basic Matrix

Designing Solutions for Your Needs

Over the years, we have designed hundreds of custom websites at reasonable prices for local companies, online stores, and nonprofit organizations. We take pride in being a locally-owned business that can provide high-quality products, friendly customer support, and a stress-free consulting environment. We take the time to custom craft not just a website, but an experience.

Since 2004

Whether looking for new restaurants, searching for a skilled painter, or deciding which school to send our children to, we search for the answer on the internet. Our job is to work with you so that your customer’s first experience with your company is a positive one.
Basic Matrix creates custom, professional websites that not only establish your web presence, but also evoke the essence of your company so potential customers can better understand you and your business.